Prayer for Unconditional Love

Mother/ Father God, I come in gratitude today for the unconditional love that God is. I am so grateful for this infinite blessing, this infinite love that naturally and continually expands. I am grateful for the love expressed between my family and friends and I which demonstrates the power of love to me each day. I place on the altar any conditions or blocks to love, any people or situations that I am judging or not appreciating, anything that I think I need to have, get, or change before I can extend love. I release any ways I have withheld love from myself or others. I know that unconditional love is my true nature. I am willing to love without condition. I am grateful to extend love regardless of circumstances, to show up as love in every moment, no matter how I feel physically or emotionally, whether I like something or someone. I am willing to receive love without condition. I AM love expressing as more love. The wellspring of love in my heart is infinite and free flowing. I love God, myself, and every living being as One for we are One Life, One Love, and I share this abundance of love with all. In grace and gratitude, I allow it to be and so it is. Amen.