Spiritual Counseling & Spiritual Life Coaching

“All healing is done at the level of the mind and LOVE is the great healer!”

In your counseling session with me, I’ll support you in connecting with your inner wisdom and loving intuition. Together we’ll identify and release limiting beliefs so you can free your potential and LIVE YOUR TRUTH!  Using spiritual principles and practices we’ll create an action plan that really works while allowing the highest level of healing to unfold.

Together we can:

  • discover and express your natural state of peace, joy, freedom, and bliss.
  • learn healthy practices of self-love and self-care.
  • release the past and heal through the practice of forgiveness.
  • develop or deepen a customized spiritual practice that feels joyful and supportive.
  • create a life you love!

Additional areas of support:

  • LGBTQ+ people, their families, and allies
  • sexual identity & coming out later in life
  • long-term relationships, marriage, divine divorce
  • major life transitions


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