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For many years, it seemed like I was sleepwalking—barely existing day to day. I had allowed fear to paralyze my life. My life actually looked pretty good from the outside, but inside I felt anxious, unfulfilled, stagnant. I didn’t feel happy. I came to the realization that happiness was a decision—not an outcome of getting something—and that decision was mine to choose. So I began to cultivate the conscious choice of being happy, regardless of what I was experiencing.

That decision was like turning on the ignition of a car—it led me on a journey of healing. First stop was a personal crisis that propelled me onto the path as I sought meaning, forgiveness, and acceptance. I was then led to my teacher, Jennifer Hadley, who introduced me to New Thought, Science of Mind, A Course in Miracles, and other non-dualistic Truth teachings and spiritual practices. I learned to pray and meditate. I learned the power of forgiveness work. I immersed myself in spiritual study and community, and the benefits were clear. My relationship with myself changed dramatically as I learned to truly love and accept myself. My relationships with family members and co-workers improved. I felt happy, peaceful, more relaxed. I soon recognized the strong pull of Spirit, calling me to live in service to Love and to support others in healing and transformation as I have been supported.

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Inspire Spiritual Community is my spiritual home. I serve as Director of Prayer Ministry for Inspire, which I love because I have the opportunity to hold space for the entire community as well as connect closely with individual members seeking prayer support. I am grateful to have witnessed the power of prayer and the unfolding of countless miracles in my years of service. I have also served on the Inspire Board of Directors as a member, as Vice President, and as President. I received training in spiritual counseling from Reverend Jennifer Hadley and graduated from Inspire’s Practitioner program as a licensed practitioner and spiritual counselor under Reverend Jesse Brune-Horan’s direction. I was ordained with Inspire’s first group of ministers in April, 2018.

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In just a few years, my life has transformed as I have learned to live spiritual principles—not just study them—and to stand as my authentic self. As my commitment to live in truth deepened, long-held structures in my life began to shift. My 20+ year marriage came to an end without losing the loving relationship. I discovered and embraced my bisexuality. I followed the calling of my heart and left my 24-year career as an arts administrator. I am now genuinely happier than I have ever been in my adult life. I feel grateful and blessed to support those who sincerely desire healing and transformation, as I assist with personal and spiritual development, achieving short- and long-term goals, and navigating life’s challenges.