Prayer for Healing

Mother Father God, Beloved I AM presence, Divine Love, I'm so deeply grateful to remember myself as I truly am: healed and whole, divinely perfect here and now. How good it is to offer up and release any thought that would block the awareness of my divine perfection and perfect health. I see healing in my own mind, in my own heart, and my own physical body. I see myself surrounded and enfolded in emerald green light--radiant, vibrant, shining, expressing wholeness, pure love, pure peace. Healed in mind, body and spirit. And I see that green light extending out to my community and to the wider world, expressing itself within all beings, knowing what is true for me is true for everyone. Remembering in gratitude that as I heal and express my wholeness, all are healed and lifted. In grace and gratitude, I release this word, I allow it to be. And so it is! Amen!